Easmar Logistics Oy expands its scope of activity in Niirala on the multi-annual basis with Cemagro Oy together with its branch office Aurora Rail Oy.

The companies will provide shuting operations on the railways as well as terminal handling services. These services include: forwarding, handling of paper, cardboard and steel products, as well as project loadings.

The activity will start in spring, 2020.

You can find information in Finnish about cooperation of such companies as Cemagro,Peura-Trans and Aurora Rail in Niirala by clicking this link.


Christmas greetings from Easmar!


Dear businesspartner, 

Easmar wishes you a joyful Christmas and a successful New Year 2015!

We have donated our greeting card and present budget to the childrens’ ward of Kotka central hospital.

Monetary donations are important to the ward, as they make possible the acquisitions that improve the coziness and comfort for the children and their parents staying at the ward as well as the treatment they receive. The principal is that basic treatment is provided with public funds, but donations are used to buy a variety of medical equipment that improves the quality of care and makes a transition to a bigger hospital unnecessary.

With this donation Easmar passes on the challenge to its friends and partners. We hope that your organization can donate your Christmas greeting budget to a charitable purpose near you.

Merry Christmas,
The Easmar Logistics’ staff

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